Mobile & Static
Narrow Band Sawmills



The Timber Queen S made by PEZZOLATO is the most cost effective narrow blade bandsaw with the highest standard equipment on the market.

Static as well as mobile versions can be equipped with electric motor or diesel engine. Medium log diameter and low cutting capacities can be managed without problems.

The headrig with 32 mm sprung set sawblades gets pushed through the logs by hand. The sawblade is running over V-belts on the bandwheels and is kept in position by hard metal guides. Up to max. 80 cm round logs can be transformed into high quality boards.

Length extensions up to 10.50 m cutting length are available to fit the machine. The log grips and logturner are operated by hydraulic handpumps. All machines are equipped with two log loading ramps with winches and trailers with 25 km/h or 80 km/h axles are avaible on demand.

Headrig with operator stand Log loading Hydraulic log turner Headrig with open door



The Timber Queen HD-models are the most cost effective, fully hydraulic, narrow blade sawmills with the highest technical standard on the market.

Static versions are equipped with electric motors with sufficient power for cutting up logs with medium diameter.

The 700 and 800 mm band wheels, with 50 mm wide, sprung set Bi-METAL sawblades, ensure efficient cutting of logs up to a maximum 800 mm diameter. The sawblade of the HD5 runs over V-belts on the bandwheels, whilst the HD7 and HD8 runs over steel bandwheels and is guided by hard-metal blade guides.

A two cylinder petrol engine or 4 cylinder diesel engine provides sufficient power for professional on-site cutting of any type of logs. The machine is operated from the control panel. All functions of the headrig and log manipulation, like loggrips, logturner, as well as the taper adjuster, are hydraulic and come as standard. Optional equip­ment makes the cutting works easier.

Length extensions for up to 10.5 m cutting length are available to fit each machine. All machines are equipped with a two arm log loader and trailers with 25 km/h or 80 km/h axles are available on request.

PEZZOLATO narrow blade sawmills are not only ideal for agricultural and forestry users, but construction and lumber companies as well .

Timber Queen HD5
ready for transport
Timber Queen HD5
board removing system
Timber Queen HD5
headrig with open door
Timber Queen
board removing arm
Timber Queen
debarker (optional)
Timber Queen HD7/8
mobile headrig
with control panel
Timber Queen HD7/8
framework / trailer with
hydr. standard equipment
Timber Queen HD7/8
hydr. blade tension device

  Timber Queen S Timber Queen HD5 Timber Queen HD7 Timber Queen HD8
Technical Features        
Max. throat (mm) 700 700 760 760
Max. log Ø (mm) 800 800 900 900
Max. cutting height (mm) 500 600 700 700
Max. cutting depth (mm) 310   420 420
Band wheel Ø (mm) 400 475 700 770
Saw blade width 32 32 50 50
Saw blade thickness 1.1 1.1 1.1 1.1
Saw blade length 4028 4028 5420 5740
Feeding manual   hydraulic variable  
Equipment '98        
Honda petrol engine 9.5 kW standard      
Electric motor 7.5 kW standard      
Honda petrol engine 14.5 kW optional standard standard  
Electric motor 11 kW optional standard standard  
Honda petrol engine 18.5 kW   optional optional standard
Electric motor 22 kW   optional optional standard
Hydraulic machine operation optional standard standard standard
Log loading ramps with winches standard standard standard standard
Hydraulic loggrips (max) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4) 2 (4)
Squaring bars 1 manual 2 hydraulic 2 hydraulic 2 hydraulic
Log turner 1 hydraulic 1 hydraulic 1 hydraulic 1 hydraulic
Hydraulic taper adjuster (max)   1 (2) 1 (2) 1 (2)
25 km/h or 80 km/h trailer optional optional optional optional
Standard cutting length 4.5m standard standard standard standard
Transport weight (kg) 1085 1600 2000 2500
Transport height (mm) 2200 2300 2620 2620
Transport width (mm) 2100 2100 2370 2420