Edge Banding Machines

Y 2010
The Y series offers a complete line of models for applying every type of edge, from roll material to solid wood, up to 15 mm of thickness, on panels of varying thickness from 10 to 60 mm.

This series’ modular design allows user to customize the machine, choosing between working units, for specific production needs.


Y 3010

Y 4010

The Y series “R” version is equipped with RECTIFYING UNIT.

The unit rectifies panel sides before edge banding , removing from 0 to 1 mm of material. Equipped with cutters featuring opposite rotation in order to avoid chipping and obtain a perfect finishing.

Choose between throw-away cutters or diamond cutters.


  • TRACK for panel feeding composed of a steal chain on which pads covered with high-grip rubber are fixed.
  • PRESSING BAR equipped with two opposite rows of rubber cog-wheels and numerical indicator for height adjusting.
  • HOPPERFEED for edges in rolls equipped with coil holder disc and back return carriage, featuring pneumatic control.
  • GLUEING UNIT equipped with a 3 l. capacity glue melting tank and a glue spreading roller for applying glue onto the panel. Tank and roller temperature controlled by digital electronic device. Adjust the quantity of glue to apply onto the panel as desired.
  • EDGE PRESSING / EDGE CUTTING UNIT applies edge onto the panel. Equipped with a first motorized pressure roller and three idle rollers tapered in opposite directions; all rollers are covered in special non-stick material for easy cleaning. Rollers pressure is pneumatically adjustable, according to edges’ thickness.
    The shear is suitable for both PVC and ABS edges, up to 3 mm of thickness.
  • END CUTTING UNIT for cutting of front and back surplus edges. The unit is tiltable from 0° to 10° and is equipped with a device for automatically varying the speed according to panel feeding. Quick and easy adjustments for material removing.
  • FINE TRIMMING UNIT for trimming ot top and bottom of applied edge. Can be equipped with cutters with a flat edge and a 30° bevelling edge, or with a flat edge and a 3 mm radius edge. Numerical indicators allow for simple and fast adjustments.
  • INVERTER for speed control of high-frequency motors, equipped with electronic braking circuit.


  • Automatic strips hopperfeed.
  • Dual switch for automatic tilting of End Cutting Unit.
  • Automatic moving device for pressing bar.
  • Pre-melting Unit for Glue Tank.
  • Multi-roll magazine (5 stations).
Overlapped Trimming Unit
The unit trims top and bottom surplus of edges, using flat edge cutters. High quality workmanship with easy to adjust height sensors, thanks to numerical indicators.
Rounding off Unit
Finishes the front and back lower corners of edges applied on postformed panels. Equipped with 3 mm radius edge cutters and numerical indicators for easy adjustments.
Multi-Function Unit
This unit is designed to finish front and back, upper and lower corners of edges applied on postformed panels, but it can also be used with other working operations like trimming of top and bottom edges. The processing changes are carried out from control panel.
Scraping Unit
Performs a perfect finishing of PVC and ABS edges, taking away any imperfections produced by the Trimming Unit. The unit works as an Edge-Scraper, when using the curved edge of the tools, but can also work as a Glue-Scraper, removing any glue residuals, when using the flat edge of the tools. Fast processing changes, thanks to numerical indicators.
Polishing Unit
The unit allows for a perfect cleaning and buffing of PVC and ABS edges. Equipped with brushes of a resistant cloth, and can be adjusted both in height and depth.
Molding Unit
Carries out millings on the edged side or on the top and bottom sides of the panel. Tiltable to 90°, can be cut out from the working cycle by means of a dual switch on the control panel.
Sanding Unit
It sands veneer edges or rigid wooden strips, featuring vertical alternate moving. Equipped with numerical indicator for easy adjustments and dual switch on the control panel for its automatic cutting out.
Hot Air Jet
It warms PVC and ABS edges.

Y MAS 20

To complete the range of edge banding machines, we have designed Y MAS 20, suitable for working with solid wood, up to 20 mm of thickness.

As for the other models of Y series, the Y MAS 20 can also be customized according to specific production needs.

The main features are:
  • a solid iron structure, for sustaining the vibrations of the working units and guarantee high stability during intensive production.
  • powerful motors.
  • hopperfeed for automatic loading of strips, up to 20 mm of thickness.
  • roller-bar suitable for supporting large, heavy panels, with counter-bar guaranteeing correct panel feeding.